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Discover insightful computer reviews and in-depth comparisons on our blog, as we explore the latest devices and help you make informed decisions for your tech needs. Stay ahead of the curve with expert opinions and up-to-date information on performance, features, and value.


Phones | Watches

Dive in and explore in-depth smartphone & smartwatch reviews on our blog. Uncover the latest devices & features for informed choices. Subscribe and stay connected with expert insights on performance, design, & functionality for your mobile & wearable needs.



Delve into and discover amazing tablets with our in-depth reviews from the iPad Pro to Samsung. Unveil top devices & features for the perfect portable companion. Stay informed & excited with expert insights on performance, design, & versatility for all tablet adventures.

best gimbal for iphone


Immerse yourself in our engaging gadget reviews & comparisons of the latest technology gadgets. Explore cutting-edge devices & innovative features to stay ahead in tech. Get expert insights on performance, design & functionality for the coolest gadgets around.


Sports Gear

Elevate your game with our in-depth sports gear and clothing reviews and comparisons, as we examine the latest products and their features to help you perform at your peak. Stay ahead in style and functionality with expert assessments on durability, comfort, and performance for all your athletic needs.

Sports Shoes

Step up your performance with our comprehensive sports shoes reviews and comparisons, as we analyze the latest footwear and their features to help you find the perfect fit for your athletic pursuits. Stay ahead with expert insights on comfort, support, and durability for all your sport-specific and casual footwear needs.


Sports Equipment

Elevate your game with our detailed sports equipment reviews and comparisons, as we scrutinize the latest gear and their features to help you excel in your chosen discipline. Stay locked in and stay ahead with expert evaluations on performance, quality, and innovation for all your athletic equipment needs.


Navigate our comprehensive blog section dedicated to not only sports and technology, but health and everything else, as we provide in-depth reviews, comparisons and news to help you make well-informed decisions. Stay on top of trends with insights into performance, design, and innovation for a balanced and modern lifestyle.

Passions Turned Into Profession...

All About Tech N Sports!

Thanks for visiting our website! My name is Bobby Sims, and I’ve been an avid sports fanatic and techie for years. I played sports all my life and I even coach girls high school and travel basketball. I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems and my trade is in the information technology field and I actually had my own IT school at one point in time. Besides God and my family, Tech and Sports is all I know!

The purpose of TechNSports is to create articles that add value to those that are interested in sports and athletics, as well as the ever growing field of technology.  I’m always learning and exploring and figured I would share my insights on some things and hopefully shed some light and educate someone out there on a few things that I am passionate about. Again, thanks for stopping by, I pray something on the site helps you out! God bless you.

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